Stained glass has for years been limited to a handful of techniques due to
the fabrication process. Over the last 30 years or so, new approaches have been developed by various artists including those represented in the works from
Architectural Stained Glass Studio in Adelaide.

Jan and her team have employed processes such as screen printed imagery,
where patterns or pictures have been kiln fired or applied in a cold glass application
(not kiln fired ) to the surface of the glass. Sandblasting which also have bevels glued
to laminated glass are employed, or hand painted double glazed elements have also
been combined with the standard stained glass treatments.

Jan Aspinall works on projects that push the boundaries. Projects such as the
Strathalbyn Library have employed rarely used techniques for a stained glass window.
They have combined their talents to fabricate carved, smoothed and hand coloured
cold glass treatments, unique to Architectural Stained Glass Studio.

Playing with the medium is an essential process that can lead to as yet discovered treatments and applications, it is only limited if we don’t push the boundaries.

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