Now it is onward to some exciting residential works and some more work at Cornerstone
College. I am collaborating with Peter Moeck and Greg Healy again, this time on a large glass and metal outdoor crucifix, looking forward to that also.




The Arts project with the Glenside Hospital here in Adelaide, was demanding near the later part of the year, but I managed to get through it. I had collaborated with the art therapists at Glenside and had been running workshops with some clients and staff at the complex. Artworks from these sessions have been incorporated into the finished window, they should all be proud of their contributions.




The final stage of Woy Woy was completed at the end of 2012 and with my involvement

in an Architectural Glass Exhibition at the Kirra Gallery, Federation Square, Melbourne,

in the same year all was extremely busy. This year started with a well deserved break

and also with the creation of some artworks, using carved glass combined with metal

and the creation of some wall pieces for residence, it was a stimulating start, that refreshed my spirits.




Last year and the first half of this year have been incredibly busy. so much so that
I needed to take my first long break for about 20 odd years, scary when I stop and
think how little time I had taken away from the studio practice!



Mount Gambier artwork is now in situe. I have enjoyed the process and I hope
the viewer will also enjoy the artworks for the Main Corner Redevelopment.


Architectural Stained Glass Studio has been on a very active year in 2011. There have
been a variety of projects, some of which include the ongoing work for Saint John
the Baptist Catholic Church in New South Wales, Australia. The latest artworks to be produced for the church interior, include complimentary timber work by
Adrian Potter

in collaboration with Jan Aspinall.



The timber work has been produced to mirror the main theme of the original design.
The wood has been brilliantly crafted to look like the warp and weft of a woven pattern
as seen in the stained glass windows already made for the church. It brings to the work
a three dimension and a connection to the timberwork of the crucifix that is suspended off the stained glass feature panel above the Altar.



Other work in the making is the glass brick installation for the Mount Gambier Redevelopment project at the Riddoch Gallery and Council Offices. The bricks will be painted, glued and have carved, stacked glass attached to them. I look forward to this exciting project, which is due for installation in late November 2011.


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