Public Buildings

Strathalbyn Library Project

These glass slabs are arranged to reflect the books on a shelves below. Behind
the slab are segments of hand painted glass representing a leaf and drapery motif,
the colours represent earth, water and sky. Glass slabs were glued together in small segments in the studio, and then fitted into the aperture on site, siliconed against
the longer double glazed window









ANU Canberra

The extension to the Hancock Building is an integrated stained glass artwork,
incorporating a blend of transparent, textural and faceted glass. The Atrium
window was designed with the sciences in mind. Imagery includes the triangular
form, the strongest known. It has a tower of glass on which is screened the image
from magnified sub atomic atoms, and many other symbols and metaphors are
embedded in the work.







Richmond School


The entrance to the school administration office includes the use of hand coloured glass and screen printed imagery on sandblasted safety glass. The imagery relate to the schools history and because it is a primary school, the coloured treatment is meant to represent children’s paint works, art at play. The treatment on these windows allows maximum light, a degree of privacy and interest for the viewer.




Pembroke Public Junior Primary School


7 stained glass windows produced during an artist in residency at Pembroke in Adelaide. The school students were asked to draw and paint an artwork on the theme of rainbows.
I then looked through their work in search of the most interesting and to find any commonality in the work. The use of their work then gave them a sense of ownership of the work. Once they identified with and that in turn gave them a connection with the school project for the rest of their lives.







Salisbury Library


Glass screen for Library Bookshop. The treatment, included toughened glass, bolted to
a metal frame, with sandblast, screen print and glued glass application for the imagery.





AdelaideMagistrates Court SA / Collaboration Berin Behn

The Adelaide Magistrates Court Foyer window incorporates, stained glass along with the use of laminated and hand painted glass. The brief was for the glass artwork to allow vision and connection with the outside community, but still retain its feature qualities.



Cornerstone College

32 glass bricks were created and inserted into the east wall of the school library.
Glass artwork was coloured by hand, screen printed and sandblasted to create a multi layered effect. The panels are lit up at night with LED inserted onto the top of the
glass bricks.









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