Jan's passion for stained glass first began in a small town chapel in Germany in 1976. She was moved and inspired by the simplicity of colour and line of a very small modern window at the rear of the church; this took Jan's experience of glass to a new and totally unexpected higher level. The minimalist style of the design and finish through which opalescent light invoked a spiritual experience, captured her imagination and thus her relationship with contemporary stained glass was established.

On her return to South Australia, Jan enrolled in classes with Cedar Prest (stained glass artist), who was employed as artist in residence at the Parks Community Centre. This was one of many local and interstate courses in design and techniques for glass. Jan took every opportunity to further develop her skills as an emerging glass designer, with master classes given by overseas and local designers and artists during the eighties and onwards.

Jan continues to be amazed by the potential that glass offers & says that
it is a fantastic medium to work with. Experimenting with light, shadow,
texture, applied ink, collage and layered glass, enhancing both exterior and interior spaces, all bring life and energy to all projects undertaken. Jan has worked collaboratively with Architects and Interior Designers associated with each project as well as with various artists and technicians, most notably
Berin Behn, Kim Weston, Adrian Potter, Martin Corbin. Collaboration between Jan, designers and fabricators, becomes a symbiotic relationship that with
a dedicated brief leads to an exciting, dynamic outcome on many levels.


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